About Us

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FHVSTC is a subsidiary of Family Harvest Foundation a registered CBO in Gulu district. The foundation operates a vocational skills training center located at Laliya Oguru, Laliya Trading Centre approximately 4kms from Gulu Town Centre along Patiko Road, in Bungatria Bub Country. The Skills Training Center started in 2014 when the founder felt it necessary to establish a skills training unit to train job creators and self employability.

FHF registration no. 6739 is destined to provide skills training in line with the Ministry of education and sports, and to prepare students be examined in Uganda Business and Technical Examination Board UBTEB and the Directorate of industrial Training (DIT) - TVET

We offer a range of technical vocational and business courses that provide the learner a hands – on practical exposure to job creation and self employability. The other objects of Family Harvest Foundation includes:
  • market linkages
  • recruitment of volunteers, health services, water and sanitation services.

Our Vision

To contribute to a community that everyone is capable of contributing to national development.

Our Mission

To provide hands-on skills as a means to community development.

Our Motto

“a full package for a family”

The organization is member initiated. Our partners from civil, government sector and international organizations are:
  • Gulu District Local Government
  • Gulu NGO Forum
  • Save the Children international.

Our status

We are a non-profit making entity, a community based organization meant to address the development programmer affecting the community.
Our main areas of focus are provision of education based on the DIT/TVET schemes.


Our trainees have a Practical Open Day, Internal & External Examinations on which certificates are awarded.We registered eight students who sat the Directorate of Industrial Training – Kampala (DIT) Examination and are soon receiving the nationally recognized certificate in line with the Ministry of Education, Technology Science & Sports.


The organization is member initiated. Our partners from civil, government sector and international organizations are:
  • Gulu District Local Government
  • Gulu NGO Forum
  • Save the Children international
  • Straight Talk Foundation (Gulu Youth Centre
  • Reproductive Health Uganda

Our bank details are as below:

Bank: Centenary Rural Development Bank Limited;
Branch: Gulu;
Account Name: Family Harvest Foundation;
Account No: 7510600981

Leadership, Organization and Human Resources

We have a Board of trustees, Board of Directors, Management Team and staffs. The Board of trustees and board of directors do not make any day today decision in managing the affairs of the institution.
The Management team is headed by the Executive Officer who is the top manager of the institution and is consulted on all day today decisions that need his/her opinion. The staff comprise of qualified tutors, and non qualified casual laborer

Key management positions:

Our key Management includes Executive Officer who is the chief operations manager of the organization. He/she supervises the Skills Centre Manager, and the Administrative Assistant. The Skills Centre Manager manages the heads of department and the tutors.
The roles and duties of f the board of trustees and board of directors are provided in the constitution of the CBO while the job description of the Skills Center Manager, the tutors, the Administrative staff are all provided in the job description booklet of the institution, as well as the terms and conditions of services in the employment handbook.

Funding, Financial Systems and Audit

  • We so far have no donor, but have applied for funding from PACF for funding a skills training for war returnees, school-drop-outs, single mothers, unemployed youths and the disadvantaged who cannot afford formal education.
  • We have also applied for Innovation funding from Amplifychange still meant to scale up the Skills training centre though no funding or approval has been communicated.
  • We still have no audited report since our operation is still low and are using the locally generated funds by founders. However, a formal system is in place to providing for the selection of an external auditor by the donors and the board of trustees/board of directors on an annual basis. We expect all partners to adhere to the valued principles of auditing of the respective countries and that of international standards.

Management and Internal Control

  • All payment for the release of bank transfers, orders or cheques is performed by any four of the named officers: Chairperson Board of Trustees, Executive Officer, Treasurer Board of Trustee and the Secretary to the Board of Directors at a time after being raised by the Accounts Assistants/cashier. Cash payments or receipts are not encouraged. While procurement procedures must follow the provisions in the national and international standards
  • We seek to build partnership with all organisations that contribute positively to community development.