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BCP 2 Practical day show

BCP1 practical day show

Director on short sleeve tack in parents and tutor

Electrical 1 Practical day show

Hair dressing 1 practical





Knitting 1 Practical day show

Parents 2 watching

Photo Juliet 3

Photo MCLD orientation Piato

Tailoring 1 practical day

Tailoring 2 Practical day

Trainee Tutor and customer

Trainee on work

Tutor and catering students at practical

Welder 2 practical

Welding 1 practical

Welding 3 practical


Family Harvest Foundation is member initiated. Following are our partners from civil, government sector and international organizations:

Gulu District Local Government

Gulu NGO Forum

Reproductive Health Uganda

Save The Children International

Straight Talk Foundation

UN Volunteers

Staff List / Board of Trustees/Directors / Organization Structure

List of Staff
S/N Staff Name Age Gender Status Skills Educational Qualification Period Served Work Description
1. Kipwola Florence 32 Female Single Hair dressing Certificate in Hair Dressing 3 years Full Time
2. Akwero Florence Monica 29 Female Married Knitting (Sweater weaving) Certificate in Knitting 2 years Part Time
3. Acen Juliet 22 Female Single Administrator Bachelor of Business Administration 2 years Full Time
4. Ocan Francis 27 Male Single Welding and metal fabrication Certificate in Welding & Metal Fabrication 2 years Full Time
5. Anena Gloria 21 Female Single Tailoring Certificate in Tailoring 2 years Full Time
6. Okello Stephen 28 Male Single Catering Diploma in Catering 2 years Full Time
7. Atwom Richard Odongkara 23 Male Single Horticulture Diploma in Agriculture 3 years Part Time
8. Wokorach Gasper 22 Male Married Motorcycle mechanic Certificate Auto mechanics 2 years Full Time
9. Okello Peter 26 Male Single Carpentry & Joinery Certificate in Carpentry & Joinery 1 year Full Time
10. Oboma John 27 Male Single Brick Laying Certificate in Brick Laying 2 years Full Time
11. Otto Denis 30 Male Married Electrician Certificate 1 year Full Time
12. Oboma Thomas 25 Male Single Motor Vehicle Mechanic Advanced Certificate 1 year Full Time
13. Lamunu Catherine 27 Female Single Painting Certificate in Painting & design 2 years Full Time
14. Achaye Brian Onen 26 Male Single Computer Studies Degree in Computer Science 3 years Part Time
15. Acaye Simon Peter Otto 31 Male Married CTye , Dye & design Diploma in Fine Art 3 years Full Time
16. Obali Wilfred Jwee 36 Male Married Entrepreneurship/Business Skills Degree in Business 1 year Part Time
17. Oyella Doreen Otoo 28 Female Married Counselling Degree in Psychology 1 year Part Time

Staff List / Board of Trustees/Directors / Organization Structure

Board of Trustees / Directors
S/N Name Position Telephone
Board of Trustee
1. Dr. David Onen Chairperson Board of Trustee 0772586959
2. Ms. Margaret Atimango Vice Chairperson Board of Trustee 0782724617
3. Ojok Charles Otoo Member Board of Trustee 0772649180
4. Ms. Harriet Ayiorwoth Member Board of Trustee 0772637168
5. Ms. Pauline Kabagenyi Ateenyi Secretary to the Board of Trustee 0772468792
Board of Directors
1. Oyat Francis Otoo Chairperson 0772402377
2. Acayo Judith Vice Chairperson 0772337378
3. Odoki Jenaro Treasurer 0775319916
4. Obal Louis Onen Secretary 0776758071
5. Oyella Dorine Otoo Member 0773211743
6. Ms. Lina Mary Atim Member  
7. Mr. Owiny Geoffrey Member 0777360701
8. Achaye Brian Onen Member 0787012730
9. Alobo Lina Member 0783758003

Staff List / Board of Trustees/Directors / Organization Structure

Organization Structure